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Austin Sitar is a Music Service in Houston, Dallas, Austin,
San Antonio, and Throughout Texas
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Chuck Morrow: Austin Sitar


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All Music Copyright 2009 by Chuck Morrow
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Services Offered:
  • Indian Sitar Background Music for Special Occasions - Weddings, Receptions, Parties, etc.
    I help create a relaxed, joyful atmosphere with a distinctive Indian flavor.

  • Sitar for Recording Sessions in the Austin, Texas area. (References Available on Request)
  • Set-Ups and Minor Maintenance on Your Sitar ("Tweaking")
  • Advice Before Purchasing a Sitar
  • Sitar Instruction for Some Kinds of Students
    • The sitar is a very difficult instrument to learn as one's first instrument.
      I specialize in teaching sitar to students who already play a Western instrument
      such as the piano or guitar. It is not necessary to be able to read music.
A Few Words About the Sitar
I have been a professional bass guitarist for over 30 years. Some years ago, I met a fellow
bassist, Peter Cutchey. He had retired from the music industry and set up business here
in Austin, Texas pursuing one of his life's passions - the sitar. We became friends, and
eventually Iheard him play sitar. He had a unique approach to the sitar, incorporating
modern guitar effects such as delay and chorus in his music. The sounds were truly
hypnotic! He had developed a style that was calming and peaceful - a nice change from some
of the frantic Indian music many of us have heard.
  Peter's ideas inspired me, and I have taken those ideas a small step further - including retuning
the sitar to better suit Western harmonies, and developing new ways to use a traditionally
tuned sitar within a Western "song" framework.
  Compared to the guitar or piano, the sitar is somewhat limited. It is a mostly melodic
instrument. As a consequence, as you learn to play the sitar, you necessarily explore and
expand your command of the more basic elements of all music - tempo and
loudness as well as pitch. Harmony and chords are only considered in the context of melodic construction.
  Fortunately for us all, the Indian scales are somewhat similar to Western scales. So, In the
course of learning the sitar, a student will gain a perspective on scales and modes. By the
time the student has a basic understanding of the sitar, he/she will have a more intuitive
understanding of a Western instrument, such as a guitar or piano.
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